Recently I have come across references that state that brassinosteroids are useful to enhance seed germination. These references are not covering rose seed, but it appears that the effect may be general.

One inexpensive commercial source is given below:

Has anyone tried products of this type?


I tried some last year and didn’t seem to help. Maybe I used it wrong or something. Most of these are trial and error and probably need to keep better records than I did.


On page 346 of the full paper of the abstract given below, the following statement is made:

“Preliminary experiment revealed that water or ethanol solution of brassinolide was hardly incorporated into plant tissue, even in the presence of a surfactant.”

They used a dimethylformamide)/polyethyleneglycol/ethanol/water mixture.

I wonder if a DMSO/water mixture would be effective?


Possible background reading: