Brainstorming suggestions wanted.

I’m looking for a floribunda named “renegade”. It was pink on top of petal and white underneath. I loved having this rose and would like to find again. Concern is it has been deemed extinct according to ARS. Therefore, HMF doesn’t list it. I think it was a sam mcgreedy rose. I’m thinking maybe I need to contact a good rose rustler. The last time I owned this rose was 2001. So I imagine it is someones yard. Wonder if possible to contact companies with wholesale records of what inventory they have sold where? Hence the reason for a good rose rustler. Is there such a person with in the world federation of roses?

You’re not thinking of Regensberg, are you? I’m not familiar with a Renegade. Kim


The Dahlia Rose might be better. I havent tried or seen it up here yet, but it looks superior to Regensberg.

I know Regensberg will perform well own root. The Dahlia rose is truly awful own root. It is one which will not only perform MUCH better budded, but will actually LIVE. I went through quite a few own root ones, even in large pots, until I budded it. Kim

Whoa, ouch. Hmmm… lol. The options are limited then. Condeleeza, maybe?

Doubtful, Wade grew it in 2001. Condoleeza (awful name, yep, the Republican farmer named it for HER), was introduced in 2006. Kim

Oh, no, I am merely looking for replacement ideas for Wade.

Carefree Delight could be it, too, other than the remembered name, and it is, at least, available many places.

Wade, don’t worry about the ARS deeming it extinct. That’s something you have to pay them to do so you can reuse the name. If no one wants permission to register a different rose under the name, the ARS won’t pay attention to it. Nothing they do can affect its availability, only demand and legal moves can do that. If no one buys it, it will fall from commerce. If no nurseries have the desire to carry it whether there is great demand for it or not, it won’t be available. If it’s patented and the patent holder hasn’t any agreements with producers to offer it, you won’t find it, but the ARS’ deeming it “extinct” only means they’ve opened the door for someone to register a different rose with that name, and that you have to pay them for. Since there isn’t a rose with the name you remember, I doubt that’s the case. Kim


Carefree Wonder fits that description also, and is as free flowering as Regensberg. Both do extremely well here in SoCal. Only familiar with Regensberg as an own root. Planted several in a large rose garden for a lady who didn’t think she would care for it, but it was short and I insisted. A little over a year later, it was her favorite–always producing loads of bloom,from early spring to late, late fall, almost needing no turnaround time.

Thank You Kim and you are right it is regensberg!

Good, Wade! I’m glad I could help! Kim