Bluish violet roses with good disease-resistance

Had anyone had any experience with bluish violet roses breeding,I really like this color.Unfortunately, it seems hard to get.
In the past few years,some breeders in China and Japan had cultivated some bluish violet roses like “turn blue”,“Lucifer”….
But they are lack of disease-resistance.Most of them are more susceptible to powdery mildew.
My true hope is to be able to get some bluish violet roses with good disease resistance. It is my dream!Any insight would be much appreciated!


Plum Perfect, very black spot resistant here in Georgia, has produced several lavender op seedlings for me. Looking forward to seeing them develop this spring.

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Kordes has a few that do well – Plum Perfect, Poseidon anf Quicksilver, for instance-- that could serve as a healthy baseline from which to develop. And then there are the older lines having e.g. Veilchenblau and a host of her descendants in their pedigrees.

Ralph Moore found Violette produced more “purple” flowers than Veilchenblau, for what it’s worth.

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I have found that Man of Steel bred by Dr Keith Zary breeds ‘Bluish’ roses that have good resistance to PM see HMF roses and look at Little Boy Blue and The African Queen both bred by me and both very good for PM resistance and average BS resistance

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