Bloom on first year Prairie Harvest X (Rugelda X R-15) seedling

I hope (expect?) that this early bloom means that it will be a repeat bloomer.



Absolutely! It looks like a blend? Any fragrance?


Robert, concerning fragance; sorry, I have a very poor sense of smell.

Nice yellow blend Henry. I really hope this will be a repeat bloomer for you. Have you had much luck using ‘Rugelda’ as a parent? If I remember correctly, I only was able to get one seedling from it (now extinct).

My Rugelda has been a very stingy bloomer. It is in a “off the beaten path” back bed and often it is already open before I notice that buds have formed. I do not have a lot of old records concerning it, but it is my impression that its open pollinated seeds were not good germinators.

I have concentrated on using the Rugelda X R-15 plant instead of going back to Rugelda.

Rugelda X R-15 is doing very well here Henry. The budded specimens seem to want to grow straight up. I hope to root some this Fall.

I think the only hips I have using it this season are on minis.

Another Praieie Harvest X (Rugelda X R-15) 2007 seedling has bloomed, see:

I cannot wait to start crossing these seedlings with each other and with my other R-15 seedlings such as:

(Folksinger X Illusion) X R-15

Prairie Harvest X R-15

(George Vancouver X John Davis) X (Rugelda X R-15)

(acicularis X OP) X R-15

another (acicularis X OP) X R-15 which did not bloom this year


Way to go Henry!

The second bloom on # 570 has opened.

Second bloom:

First bloom:

It is strange that the small amount of pink present in the first bloom did not appear in the second.


Nice yellow coloring on this second bloom Henry. It looks like you have increased petal count as well.

Third cycle of bloom this year on # 570. See:


Nice Henry. Looks very double.

Yes, I agree very nice.

I really like this one Henry. Very nice.

Number 570 did survive the winter. Now the question is how to best (most efficiently) utilize it for future hybridizing?

One possible route: should I use it with its own pollen to see the distribution of self pollinated seedlings?

Second possible route: should I cross it with other first generation seedlings that contain (Rugelda X R15) or R15?

Third possible route: should I cross it with mixed pollen?

Any comments on the possibilities above are appreciated.

Other possible routes: please suggest other routes.

Thank you.

Henry Kuska

I like your second option.

I agree with Robert, second option specifically other Rugelda x R-15 seedlings. Liz