Bigger IS Better

Greetings fellow rose hybridizers. I wanted to take this opportunity to let all of you know that Marsha and I have moved (Late March) to the new home we started last August. We are now country folks as they say in Tennesse with a litte six acre place. Of course any move meant building a new greenhouse and this was constructed in December, just in time to plant seeds and keep mother plants in good condition. (Of course this is keeping priorities straight by having a greenhouse before a place to sleep. :slight_smile: At the old place we had a 8 x 12 greenhouse. It was small, but enjoyed a great deal. The new house is 18 x 30 and is already stuffed with roses. (Isn’t that always what happens?) Anyway, it was wonderful finally having the space to get the numbers up. I had approximately 40 mother plants this year and the hip count is quite large compared to past history. I’m hoping for a big seedling year. To insure I will have ample room for reproducing the cuttings we sell on Rosemania while enlarging the breeding program, we are currently assembling a second greenhouse that is 30 x 40. The original 18 x 30 house will be limited to hybridizing and seedlings only. I know many of you have large greenhouses, but since I started this hobby in a bedroom closet, I can tell you I feel very blessed.

Best wishes to all.



Good luck in your new home and greenhouses. I don’t know about bigger is better. I believe I produced more seedlings worth keeping when I operated in my small greenhouse rather in the 50x 50 glass house I play in now. But then again it is all fun if you can consider playing 24 hours a day fun.

A warning if your new houses are poly the burning of sulpher will shorten the life of the poly. My daughters polyhouse 3 year film was destroyed after 1 year of sulpher burning.

Sorry we won’t see you in Ohio, we will be at the Hague and touring nurseries in Europe.

Frank Benardella

Congratulations Robbie! I have greenhouse envy… Good luck with this year’s crop.

I haven’t heard of burning sulphur in the greenhouse. Is that to control fungus? How do you do it?

Frank was the one who educated me on the use of sulfur pots for fungus control. All I can say is, “it is wonderful”. I have been burning sulfur for 5 years now and since the start have NEVER had to spray a fungicide in the greenhouse with the burner. Huge money and time saver. Thank you Frank.

Now if someone could teach me how to get rid of mites, I would be thankful. I have used Pentac, Avid, Hexygon, Cinimite,and Floramite, and still have them. I spray with a cornell 6 headed sprayer and get complete coverage of the foliage. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Indoors.

Frank B