Better pollen for passing on repeat bloom?

This year we had a bad freeze at Easter and a lot of roses are now blooming out of normal sequence.

This could make for some interesting crosses without having to refrigerate pollen.

I will have some albas and centifolias blooming very late. So, how to make use of this for great offspring?

I’ve got Paquerette and some Hybrid Musks that will be blooming soon. Good plants but not much depth of color. Some interesting colors may come from some of the few surviving china buds, especially strong reds.

Polyanthas are the third choice, although they may come later.

And there are …just for the potential color…some gallicas like Alika which could maybe do something interesing with Alba semi-plena.

And for the cold hardy among us, Suzanne will be blooming soon.

IF there were one ? 2n pollen you would choose that passes on repeat blooming as well as any, what would you use?

Paquerette seems a good bet Ann?

For decent colors? Danae. It’s an easy parent. I’d pick one of the orange 2n’s but thats eons of mildew :slight_smile:

Danae mildews badly here too. =(

I knew it would. But I know it doesnt here like a lot of the orange polyanthas do, and I couldnt think of many diploids that give color other than white or pink. The good news though is that it is an easy breeder so it is easy to weed out the bad mildew-ers.

Any other suggestions? Im also looking for a different diploid than Danae (preferably orange-toned any color).

‘Leonie Lamesch’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Gloria Mundi’?

I wish the Orleans line of polyanthas didn’t have the mildew reputation they have (and probably deserve). I have Orleans Rose, Paul Crampel and Golden Salmon Superior (Gloria Mundi is a slower grower here for some reason) and I hope they’ll open in time for use.

Leonie Lamesch took a bad hit from the Easter late freeze and her buds became compost. (At least she dropped them cleanly.)

Today Cardinal Richelieu opened…every year I relearn just how deep a purple a rose can be.

I think Im gonna order Sunshine next year, Robert. I also want Golden Cheronese… but I dont have the room for any more species roses =P

I wanted to try something like:

[Carefree Marvel x (Sunshine x Golden Cheronese)] x self.

I have noted varieties coming out of sempervirens and wichurana aren’t always as clean as I would hope.

Mildew is about the only thing I can test for here so I expect at least immunity to that pathogen, especially when dealing with those so close to species.

The cleaner minis are probably better than most and there are LOTS to choose from.