Best seedlings from 2007

I got 1125 seedlings from the crosses I did in 2007. These are the four best. They are all very healthy and floriferous. I’ll probably register all of them sooner or later.

Apricot Twist x Ed Yesan : yellow miniflora with globular buds

((Magenta x Lilac Charm) x Cafe Ole) x Midnight Blue : purple floribunda with good form

Danae x Mutabilis : a shrub like Danae, but with mildew resistance and fragrant color-changing blooms

(Livin’ Easy x R. kordesii) x Lavaglut - a red floribunda with foliage like plastic



Hi Jim, the yellow is beautiful. I like the shape of the second cross, Magenta x Lilac Charm) x Cafe Ole) x Midnight Blue

Thank you David!

I like all four roses, Jim. Apricot Twist X Ed Yesan is a very pretty color. The Magenta cross is vivid. I like Danae X Mutabilis. I don’t have room in my garden for Mutabilis crosses because it grows to 10 ft tall and I have to cut it down to 3 ft every other year. Another Mutabilis-type rose highly recommended by Louise Clements of Heirloom Roses nursery was Mateo’s Silk Butterflies, a pink Mutabilis type. 1993, bred by Lettunich of Corralitos, CA. The Livin’ Easy cross reminds me of Don Juan. I have another new cross that looks similar, Chrysler Imperial X Prospero, by David Austin. I’m waiting to put it in the ground. It looks like it will be a climber. I crossed Indigo, a Portland Rose from the 1830’s with Sunset Blvd, Harkness. It produced a nice short climber with very formal dark pink blooms, but it has a very blotchy black spot in mid-summer. Maybe Indigo could be used for its pollen to get that dark Indigo color. The Indigo bush was on its own root and it had suckers that traveled a great distance away from the plant.

Very nice looking assortment of roses. Something in there for everyone. Love the smokey look of the purple, and that is a great red.

Thanks John! I saw Mateo’s Silk Butterflies at Sierra Azul Nursery just yesterday and it looked good. I live just a few miles from Kleine Lettunich, and the roses she bred do very well here. My favorite rose of hers is Lyda Rose.

Thank you Jackie!

They are all outstanding!

I agree, nice work Jim!
I’d have a hard time picking a favorite!

Thank you Rob and Tom!

Hi Jim, congratulations on the crosses! I’m particularly fond of the Danae X Mutabilis cross. That looks like something that might make an interesting landscape type for the longer season climates.

Awesome Jim,

I love the (Livin’ Easy x R. kordesii) x Lavaglut, “plastic foliage” and bloom form.
Beating Kordes at their own game!

Can’t wait to see the future for all four.