Belle de Crecy as a parent

Has anybody ever used Belle de Crecy as a parent? Wondering what your experiences were. I realize I’m probably one of the only people on the planet deliberately breeding once-blooming roses but hey…

Although Belle de Crecy generally won’t set OP hips it will work well as a female parent when hand pollinated. A couple of the better crosses I had made several years back were with Mary Rose as the pollen donor. If I recall I had also used Purple Heart and Sheer Stripes for pollen. All the seedlings were in shades of pink. Disease resistance of the seedlings was below average to average.

I quit using it in favor of Tuscany Superb which has given me more winter hardiness and much better resistance to blackspot.

However if you have an idea go for it.

You guys should try Pretty Lady on these roses. It’s a potent pollen parent with good bs resistance.