Behavior of Bonavista

Bonavista was hybridized by Dr. Felicitas Svejda at the Canadian Department of Agriculture. It is a diploid rugosa X chinesis hybrid.

This summer I planted out 2 seedlings of (Bonavista X OP) X OP) X (Rugelda X R-15). I checked them this morning and both are about twice the average height of the other 2007 seedlings.

I also have 2 (Bonavista X OP) X (William Baffin X OP) 2005 seedlings and 1 ((Bonavista X OP)X OP) X Carefree Sunshine 2005 seddling. The Carefree Sunshine seedling had a very light pink single bloom in 2006 but did not bloom so far in 2007.

I also have a number of (Suzanne X OP) X (Bonavista X OP) seedlings from my 2005 crop. So far none of them have flowered.

(Suzanne’s offspring are very impressive: 'Suzanne' rose lineage )

The main point of my message is that it appears that Bonavista is willing to accept tetraploid pollen.

In the past I have distributed open pollinated seeds of Bonavista. Does anyone have anything of interest to report?