beginner looking for email mentor/guidance


I’m a miniature rose lover with the dream of hybridizing a new rose to name in memeory of my son Theo.

I’d love to get a mentor to walk me through the steps via email.



I’m not an expert (by any means!), but I’m always willing to share what I know.

I was grateful to get your message, Fara, thank you.

I’ve been reading up on hybridizing and I think my plan for now is to pick the mother and father. I have 7 miniatures in my garden, Absolutely Pat, Ring of Fire, Mary Marshall, Southern Delight, Party Girl, Palmetto Sunrise, and Vista. They are beginning to bloom now so I think this is a good time to get pollen and so on.

I’m willing to order more roses if there’s a great mother I should get.

Let me know what you think so far…anyone else welcome to reply, too, especially if any of these minis are known as great parents…


There are lists in previous posts of the most used seed and pollen parents in Modern Roses (MR) 11. The link is for the list showing the most used seed parents. Party Girl is on the list. I’ll try to find the list of most used pollen parents too. I believe Party Girl was on that list too.



Most used pollen parents in MR 11.

Link: has a beginner’s guide to hybridizing roses. That’s how I started.

(Very nice guide.)

What are you goals, if any?

Lucinda, I have used ‘Vista’ and ‘Party Girl’ in the past. What part of the country are you located in?

Mature bigger plants work best at setting hips, so let your seed parents grow on the larger side.

Jim Sproul

Thanks everyone who has replied. What a great forum!

I live in Southern Oregon, so we have a long growing season, hot summers.

My goal is to create a new miniature rose that I can name and grow in my garden, share with friends and family.

I’m already feeling more confident that this is actually possible!