Beauty of Liefland waiting list

In the past, I think it was mentioned that there may be some interest in the rose Beauty of Liefland. Ashdown roses will most likely have this rose available next May. I think Enrique had mentioned that he was looking for this rose. Anyway, if you e-mail Ashdown, they would be more than happy about putting you on the waiting list.

Its a cold hardy rose that I think has some interesting potential.

You should know that the correct spelling of this rose is “Beauty of Leafland”, not “Liefland”. Leafland is apparently the name of an unincorporated area in the vicinity of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, where the late hybridizer Robert Erskine made his home. Sheila Holmes, with whose family Robert Erskine lived until his death in 2003 sells this rose (currently unavailable) under the correct name, along with other Erskine introductions. She may be reached at:

Sheila Holmes

Box 17, Site 3, RR 1,

Rocky Mt. House, AB. T4T 2A1


She doenst ship to the United States