Beauty of Leafland

Here is a photo of Beauty of Leafland.

They both produce wonderful reds. I have no idea how this coloration would carry forward with crosses with modern roses. I will find out over the next few years I hope.

Those are great Steve,

It would be wonderful if that great color is passed on to their descendents. I can

In my experience, fall color is inherited quantitatively, meaning that the offspring will be intermediate between their parents. I

There are a few modern roses that exhibit these qualities. Examples include Europeana and High Hopes.

To add to Rogers point about plants needing to go dormant in order to survive the winter, I noticed what I believe to be cane damage on some of my roses yesterday when I was putting down winter protection. If that is the case, then these canes are already dead before heading into winter and it just drives home the point of the plants needing to go dormant before the first hard freeze. I think this a major factor in why most varieties aren’t cane hardy in zone 4 and colder. There can be quite a difference from year to year on how well a plant survives the winter. How early a plant goes into dormancy and how early it comes out plays a big part in this. This topic is actually covered very well in

The color change and leaf drop I think certainly plays a factor in the hardyness of hardy roses :slight_smile:.

Applejack is an example of a rose that doesnt necessarily drop its leaves early and go dormant. Its still holding on to its leaves where my r. spins are naked. Of course Applejack isnt as hardy as my spins but it is zone 4 cane hardy.

If you look at David’s cane hardiness report in the last newsletter, you’ll see that Applejack’s ratings were 9,7 and 9. Very hardy for a plant that has some re-bloom, but there is some dieback of the tips most years and a little more in some years. This probably is a result of it not going dormant and dropping it’s leaves soon enough.

I have some R.rugosa plants that I grew from seeds that have some dieback every year. I was noticing this year that while most of the leaves turned a nice yellow, at the ends of the canes the leaves remained green even though it has gotten well below freezing. This most likely is the reason the canes suffer dieback every winter.


Very striking colors!

I have noted several seedlings of ‘Midnight Blue’ exhibiting good fall color. So, that might be one to consider in crosses with these.

Jim Sproul