Bayse's Amphidiploid pollen Henry Kuska?

Henry, I believe I remember early in the spring you mentioned that you had pollenated several tetraploid roses with Bayse’s Amphidiploid and just about everything “took”

I will be very interested to learn if you got any seedlings from these seeds and if so, anything about them. Foliage? early bloom? vigour? Etc…

I have been using pollen quite a bit from my giant 4 year old seedling of BA and so far it looks like my tetraploids love it. I only have one hybrid from BA as a seed parent that was from mixed pollen, and it is a pink double of moderate size and vigour.


I have only planted out about a third of this winters roses so far. In fact I am still getting steady germinations. I have collected a few batches of pollen, but have only pollinated one flower. In other works I am way behind.

We had 2 grandsons born this spring. Each grandson meant a week out of town. That, plus the ever more typical getting sick each spring has put me way behind.

I have a number of amphidiploid first year plants, but non have flowered. I have not taken the time to study the foliage yet.

The seedlings that I have this year gotten so far are listed at: