Basye's Thornless Wich? What exactly is it?

Jackie sent me some cuttings of Basye’s Thornless Wichurana a couple of months ago and I’m trying to figure out exactly(?) what it is. I’ve been through HMF with Basye’s list of rose and see Basye’s Legacy, Basye’s Thornless. etc. Kim explained what it was once, but I can’t find the thread or e-mail.

thornless wichurana

I believe it is simply a rosa wichurana that is thornless, which still has many rhachis prickles.

Thanks Jackie. I don’t know why I was throwing “Basye” in the mix. By the way, they all seem to be doing fine and taking off. :slight_smile:

The selection I sent you was one Dr. Basye made. I don’t know whether he raised it from seed or discovered or obtained it somewhere, but he selected and shared it, so it carries his name. Ralph got it from him, I got it from Ralph.

So, Basyes Thornless Wichurana is a selection made by Basye, which is why Basye keeps getting thrown into the mix.

That’s my understanding.