Basye's Amphidiploid - where to find?

Anyone know if this one is available? Thanks.

I don’t think this is for sale anywhere. I have been searching for this one too.


It’s a shame no one has made this available. Thanks Mike.

Rob… I don’t have it, but when I was there… a volunteer alowed me to have 2 or 3 flower buds. I made TONS of pollen. I have it stored… some of it is going on 3 years old, and it’s still fertile.

I made several crosses of R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphi and two survived. I kept one. The other one has been in the pot just wanting to be planted.

If you want it… you can have it.

It maybe the closest you can get without going to its seedling decendents such as 77-361, or Lynnie.

I also have an excellent seedling of Abe Darby X Basye’s Amphi. It’s actually yellow, which is great because it’s very hard to eliminate the mauve-rugosa color from it’s seedling decendents.

I’m also propogating this to share with anyone who wants it… Dr. Basye freely offered his roses, and a volunteer freely gave me a few flowers…

The best that I can do is freely offer my very fragrant seedling (It has a strong musk and clove scent.)


I recall seeing your picture of Abe Darby X Basye’s Amphi. It is quite beautiful. I would be interested in growing one if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Also, if Rob is not interested in the R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphi, I would be interested in that also.



I am currently propogating Darby X Basye seedling-- 10 cuttings. The first one rooted in water, so it could be something special for the hybridizer who wants to root roses in water. Today, when I peaked inside the bottle, I saw one rose covered in calluses at the places where I accidently ripped too much bark. That’s a good indication that it will root well.

The kordesii x basye seedling I grow in my garden I will eventually share with anyone who wants it. It makes a lot of pollen. I made some crosses this year, but-- the cleaner that comes once a month had basically cut down all my hips. I told him in fluent Spanish not to cut the roses if I told him not to… just cut the grass and trim the edges. I’m perplexed why he couldn’t understand why I didn’t want his services anymore. I told him not to touch the roses. And I had several hips of Queen Elizabeth X (kordessi X basye).

Next year, I will try to pollinate it with Rosarie d’ Hay for more richly colored rugosa hybrids.

As for its sibbling seedling…

I will give Rob time to decide if he wants this in case he hasn’t seen it. I think that if he hasn’t said anything by the 29th… I can send this seedling to you on Monday.

For postage… but, let me tell you that the pot is heavy. (I put garden soil at the bottom of the pot, and put good seedling potting mix on top to germinate my roses.)

Enrique thank you so much for the offer of R. kordesii x Basye’s Amphidiploid. I definitely would be interested in taking on your seedling and Abraham Darby x Basye’s Amphidiloid as well. Can I send you an email with my address? Thanks again for your generous offer.


Settled. Mike, I know you’re interested but I will eventually propogate the seedling I’ve kept. It’s too small to do that, but I can try next year.

Rob… Darby X Basye cuttings are still rooting. It should take a few weeks.


Send me your email and your choice on how it will be sent.

With soil, it will be heavy and more costly. As a “bare root” it will cheap. However, there’s more risk of shocking the seedling and letting it die.

I would go with the soil choice–

It is, after all, a very unique cross, one that Dr. Basye had said that would provide a lot of disease resistance.

Thank you Enrique. I will email you today. I think you are right that sending it with the root ball intact is the best way to ensure survival of the seedling. R. kord x amphid is a great cross with lots of possibilities for hardiness and disease resistance as you mentioned. I’m excited at the thought of working with it.

Thank you for keeping me in mind for Darby x Basye. I was thinking what I have that you might find of interest. I have several seedlings of L83 that germinated this summer that I have growing under lights. They are still small (6-10") but if you are interested in some of them I can try to root cuttings this winter.

I’m not particularly working with big roses–

but… if you have something interesting and if it’s compact…

That may pique my interest.

Otherwise, you don’t need to send anything back. Thank you for the offer.


keep breeding information in tact and give credit where do. And post pics of the seedling when it flowers (and future seedlings.) And share its seedlings to other people in the future…

Let’s keep the spirite of Dr. Basye alive.

I will keep a watch on the L83 seedlings and if anything compact show promise I’ll let you know. I like how you stated, “keep the spirit of Dr. Basye alive”…that’s a nice thought. I will keep breeding information intact and give credit where due…you, lol…and post pics of seedling and descendants and share in the future. Thank you again Enrique.

I have two F2 seedlings from “Basye’s Amphidiploid” that I grew from seed 9 years ago. As far as I can tell, these two seedlings are nearly identical to their parent. They are both weeds, and both once-bloomers. The larger of the two also happens to be totally Blackspot and Mildew free. I have never successfully rooted cuttings of either, but I’m willing to try again if you like.


I had an first generation selfed Basye’s Amphidiploid seedling that Kim shared with me several years ago. It was very vigorous, covered in prickles. It had an awful growth habit. I never could bring myself to use it. I just didn’t care for it. I cut it back hard one time and it never recovered.


If you are willing to try to root your Basye’s Amphidiploid F2 for me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the offer. :slight_smile: I will have L83 F1 plant material available next season if you, or others, are interested. I’m not sure I’ll have any bloom next season. Thanks again Paul.


I remember seeing this hybrid at the Huntington Gardens in California. I did some volunteer work for them back in 1992-93. There was an area off limits to the general public, but just rampant with weeds. This rose was next to a fantastic R. Primula which was around 7 ft tall. Both plants were labeled.


Just checking to make sure you got my email. I’ve emailed someone else via the forum and the message didn’t go through. Thanks!


Rob… I was wondering what happened.


The whole pot is pretty heavy, even when it’s been dry.

I think a “bare root” is the best option. I could use plenty of wet newspaper.

The time here isn’t very hot either. (Wacky, but plant safe weather.)

It’s up to you, really… I’m just providing the plant. Just trying to save a few bucks for you.

email me again, I see the address is correct on the email line.

I’ll try to email again. If you don’t get it my email addy is Thank you Enrique!



I tried twice to respond to your email and got a undeliverable message re: your email address. I’m not sure why I’m having problems with emailing lately.

I’ll try again to respond to it tomorrow and maybe the issues will have been resolved.


Why not give a call?

I’ll email you if my emails are going through…

I’m going to water the plant tomorrow. Originally, I didn’t water it so that it can be as light as possible to ship it full plant.

But, some leaves are yellowing so I’m going to water it.

Look out for your email.