Bareroot Roses

So all the stores around here are now selling tons of bare root roses… Since I am now going to give hybridizing a try I would like to know if there are any great seed producers, etc that are commonly available- for example Mr. Lincoln, etc…


Depending on what you get in the bag, you may get a good seed producer. Bags from Sexton and Certified are often mislabeled. Probably the story is the same with some other labels too, but those from Mea (which also goes under the name Paramount) are mostly labeled correctly.

I can tell you the names of some good seed producers (or you can buy the RHA booklet called the Next Step and see a list of fairly good parents), but it’s difficult to guess what you will actually get from the bags.


Ryan, depending on how good a rose gardener you are, and how quick you can get the roses established, growing and blooming, use what you like at first or what you have. First you have to learn how to get down the mechanics of cross pollination, getting the seeds to germinate, and while doing that it might be best to try a few with a good track record. The RHA booklet does list a few, as do the web sites of several of the linked hybridizer members. I have used the roses I have, which is a motley assortment, but several of the tried and true that were on most lists were in my assortment, and in keeping records this year, and in trying to germinate anything that set seed, all the ones that were repeatedly on lists for good seed producers, were very good seed producers. Additionally, several others that I have, turned out to have high numbers of germinating seeds. Now, I have started to ditch the ones that were just hangers on, taking up a spot where I could have something planted that will actually give me material to experiment and play with. And I will see if the high germinations actually produce anything I find to be of interest–or will they all be pink and white malformed singles? Just to answer the question, Carefree Beauty, Queen E., Gemini, Olympiad, Singing in the rain, Lyn Anderson, Moondance(not on anyones’ list) Matangi, Inner Wheel, Summer Wine, and the list could go on, but you get the idea. Use the SEARCH RHA function and enter “good seed pollen parents” and then read all the results-you will come away with a list!