Banksia Hulthemia derived hybrid

Hi Jim, the fragrance was fairly mild on the blotched seedling which is disappointing as the seed parent has good fragrance.

The fragrance on the new Banksia Hulthemia derived seedling that blossomed today is better but only moderate but again, no blotch. The seed parent is very fragrant.

Still it’s amazing to imagine banksia and Hulthemia coming together in any fashion.

There is one seedling from this combination yet to flower.

I’ve posted a link to the lineage of the seedparent.

The pollen parent is “I89-2”, Jim Sproul’s repeat flowering Hulthemia hybrid.

Parentage per Jim’s website is,

[(‘Orangeade’ X ‘Abraham Darby’) X ‘Midnight Blue’] X ‘Persian Sunset’


I just got my first bloom on “Persian Peach” - the coloration with the blotches is incredible! This is the only hulthemia I have - can anyone recommend some potential crosses? Do any of y’all have any experience with Persian Peach?

Thanks so much!

I’ve laid my hands on Tigris just couple days before end of shippingtime. My first question about Tigris to Jim. Whats the best soil for Tigris?

I imagine nothing in Oregon, LOL!

Hi Timo,

‘Tigris’ is not as picky as what I understand H. persica to be. I use regular potting soil and it does fine year after year. ‘Tigris’ and many of its offspring have significant cane die-back, having nothing to do with cold weather in our climate.

Jim Sproul

Cane die back here in Oregon is usually fromw et soil rather than freezing temps. That’s why I made the comment. I cant imagine it tolerating the heavy clay, water-drenched soils very well here.


Not much time for writing, but I wanted to state that this evening, I have seen a first bud for 2008 on one of my Rosa persica plants, that has already flowered in 2006, but not in 2007!

The pollen donators will have to hurry, as it will probably flower end of april / beginning of may 2008!




Don’t you have any pollen in your freezer for backup?