Autumn fire - Rosa virginiana 'Mariae Graebnerae'

Just a little autumnal impression! This year the fiery red color of the foliage is particularly intense and spectacular, even without direct sunshine.


That is a nice trait to go for. I wonder if you could combine good repeat and nice autumn colours. You’d probably need something like a Rugosa repeat, that eventually goes dormant for winter days. China-repeat simply keeps going, so that is probably not compatible with fall-coloring.

I see some one maybe had a similar idea: 'Bokrahan' Rose The hips look quite large, maybe the other parent was a Rugosa. Nice result.

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Thank you for your reflections. When I saw the rose yesterday again during an autumn walk on an old and decommissioned airfield, I immediately decided to pursue this very goal. It is certainly a worthwhile trace to continue investing in this breeding line. I already knew about the existence of the ‘Bokrahan’ Rose’ better known to me as ‘Rote Hannover’ but I have not yet seen this rose alive.

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