Autumn Damask

Does anyone have experience using Autumn Damask as a pollen parent? This is the first year that I have used it, and I have hips growing on the following crosses.

sunsprite x aut. damask

blanc de vibert x aut. damask

rose de rescht x aut damask

belle de crecy x aut. damask

blush noisette x aut. damask

I tried to use it as a pollen parent on “ispahan”, and “R. rugosa”, but the hips grew a little then died. I also lost some of the hips on the “belle de crecy”, “rose de rescht”, and “blush noisette” crosses.



Very interesting, Randy!

Damasks aren’t easy to use as seeds, and their pollen

is not quite effective, so they are difficult to use.

But I’m convinced both Autom Damasks and Portlands

were “the” key to the modern rose.

I’d add some Chinas to your seed parents collection,

and do not hesitate to use Damask’s pollen “by trucks”

to get results…Some Portlands here barely hold

a flower left in June!

Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.

Well… I’ve done some damask crosses, primarily Kazanlik with fragrant hybrid teas, the two I used most was Secret. Both parents are incredibly disease resistant, but all seedlings are very week. They get every disease imaginable, I can’t barely keep one alive for the next year…

So I’m going to attempt to do damask crosses in the future, but since I don’t have Kazanlik, a monster in my garden with thorns that can make flesh into hamburger meat, I will have to keep this in my mind as a distant dream… But if I was going to do damask crosses again in the future, I would do it with shrub roses closely related to damask Gertrude Jeckyll, Compte de Chambord, etc… and perhaps Applejack…

I in the mean while have worked with the Hybrid Perpetual such as G

Well Enrique,

You can use any Damask you want, provided it has viable

a pollen, or any true Portland (the Duchesse, Vintage’s Rose du Roi or its sports).

Genetically I’m convinced they are all quite close

together -be they rebloomers or not-.

The G


I have a few China’s, but I was trying to make tetraploid x tetraploid crosses. I only made the Blush noisette x Aut. Damask cross because of the R. Moschata connection that both roses have.( if my Autumn damask is the real one) Thank you for your comments and when I see what these crosses produce I’ll post the results.



If you want a nice Tea rose to work with, I suggest that you try Madame Lombard. It has produced some great roses. It is a nice compact bush, well foliated and very fertile. Mine gets a touch of mildew but I’ve seen no blackspot on it yet. Madame Lombard itself is a seedling of Madame de Tartas. Another Tea that has produced some great roses. Also a compact bush.

Good luck.


Pierre, I am very intrested in working with tea roses. My climate is just perfect for tea roses, yet I only have one tea rose in my garden, a found rose called “Puerto Rico” which may not be entirely tea. None-the-less, It is very charming and the fragrance is especially good, although not strong. Should I have an abundance of any hybrid perpetual/tea crosses, I will consider sending them to you if possible.

Randy, I may just get Madame Lombard. I’ve been looking at tea roses lately, and I’ve considered working with this one twice. But I know that Ralph Moore had luck with Safrano and Bon Silene, with his intresting mini/tea rose crosses.