Aurora: New rugosas from Serbia

Well, this is exciting.
PhenoGeno from Serbia has four new rugosas out.
They’re supposed to be heat and drought tolerant, fragrant and compact size.
Could this finally be rugosas designed for Mediterranean climates?
I’m nixing my pre-orders for Pavements and Roadrunners and getting these instead. I won’t get them until December as bare roots but it’s worth the wait if they truly are as marketed.

Nice looking blooms! Do you have any information on their breeding? I didn’t see anything at the link or on HelpMeFind. I noticed that they referred to two of them as “strong shrubs”, a third as “well-shaped” while the fourth, White Aurora, they recommended planting in groups.


Hi mwesson,
I don’t have any idea what their breeding may be unfortunately. As you noted, there is no HMF page for these yet.
I am a little confused by the size descriptions on the PhenoGeno page.
Two of them (Berry-bush and Aromatic) have stated heights of 50-60 or 70 cm, yet they are both described as “back of the border”. I’ve tried emailing PhenoGeno to ask about this but haven’t received a reply; I’ll update here if they write back.

HMF entries historically have been generated from official rose registration information published in ARS publications. Once roses began appearing without ever being registered with the IRAR, which the ARS was the custodian of, more and more new roses failed to be represented. The very unfortunate practice of having to base HMF entries on retail web page entries began so there was SOMETHING about the new roses. Unfortunately, those retail web pages very frequently disappear once the variety falls out of the retailer’s selection or that retailer disappears, hence the number of reference links on HMF pages which refer back to nowhere. HMF pages for these new roses will have to be generated by someone volunteering to create them and will only contain what is presented on the pages you are reading as there isn’t any information provided to the ARS or any apparent patent information from which to draw any other information. If someone can dig up more information for these and the other varieties this source lists in their other collections, pages are more likely to be created for them.

I see. Thank you for explaining that, @roseseek!
I had noticed that other European-bred roses are not on it, such as the ones by Avramis from Greece. Like PhenoGeno, they are listed on HMF but very few of their roses are on the site.
I did wonder about whether it was due to them not being sold in the US, or if they just didn’t want their roses to appear on HMF for some reason. But considering what you write above, it might just be that they didn’t register their roses to the IRAR?
I will look into whether there’s some other registry (perhaps each country has one?) where these European breeders might be putting up info about their roses.

You’re welcome. “The American Rose Society serves as the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Roses and follows the rules set forth by the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants in the registration of new rose varieties.” . The greatest reason a rose doesn’t appear on Help Me Find is because of lack of official information about it.

Hi! Apparently, PhenoGeno are not listing their varieties on HMF themselves. However, if you go on the left menu, on the “plant” section, you’ll see “missing plant”. If you post a comment there with the missing variety name (commercial name and breeding code, if available), a brief description and a link to the website, HMF staff will add it to the database

Thank you jAc123!
I will try that with some unlisted ones I have in the coming days.