Attention Jim Sproul

Jim… I need your spec’s for your seed board…Thanks Larry Popwell

What’s a seed board?

Its used in spacing your seeds in the seed bed… Larry

Hi Larry,

The board that I made for planting seeds was 12" X 27". It had nails on 1" centers in a grid and was pressed into the seedling bed soil to make a pattern for planting the seeds - one at a time. I found that spacing most rose seed that way was sufficient for germinations of about 30%. With higher germination rates, I spaced the rows 2 to 3 inches apart.

Now, I do is differently. I calculate the amount of space that I need for a particular batch of seeds (based on number of seeds and germination rate). Then, I measure out the space and basically broadcast spread the seeds out and press them into the soil. This way is much faster especially when planting up to 60,000 seeds! It used to take me several days. Now, with help, we usually finish planting in 2 days.

Jim Sproul

Good morning Jim…Thank you very much Have a real good day.Larry Popwell

I just couldn’t resist responding here with an alternative idea, which I assumed was what Larry P. was looking for. Many years ago I saw some agronomists using a board with holes drilled, and a piece of wood backing it, to count out soybean seeds by the (exact) hundred and bag them up for test plantings. The analog for actual planting would be a sheet of pegboard. Instead of nails to make holes to be filled, just spread the seed over the board on the planting bed with your hand so they fall into the holes, assuming the holes are the right size for your kind of seed. Heavy duty pegboard has holes so big that probably two or more seeds of small-seeded CV would fit. But some HT seed are that large.

You can double density by laying one round, shifting half inch and repeating. Could make rows by taping over every other row of holes. ETC.