article on Suntory's

Just in case anyone’s interested. To be honest, I’ve seen bluer roses in my own garden…


I didn’t think these roses looked all that blue either. They are hyping the blue with advertising. If you tell customers enough times that mauve is blue then eventually they will see blue through mauve colored glasses.

They really should get over it with describing this as a ‘blue’ color!

BUT with science and technology and $, I have a gut feeling it is a possibility, and they are coming close to it. There may just need a little pH tweeking in the petals apparently!

“And nominal “blue roses” have been bred by conventional hybridisation methods. But, according to experts, these are more accurately described as light purple in colour.”

But those roses look really like light purple to me!

They are getting attention, though. I had two people ask me about them today (and I do live in the boondocks.)

I really want to see a photo of them taken up against a color wheel.

This is about the color of the one we saw by Suntory in Osaka at the Word Federation of Roses Convention in 2006. Sure didn’t look blue at the time to me and this photo doesn’t look blue either, but more on the mauve side.

I agree its not the sky blue color one expects of “blue”. However, it is interesting to know the sugar is now present to make the color happen, maybe.