Art Nouveau x FIVI3 descendants

Last year I posted a pic of the once-blooming seedling Art Nouveau x FIVI3 (First Impression x R. virginiana).

I used it in both directions hoping to recover rebloom. I used All the Rage a lot with it because I hoped ATR would allow the warm colors to come through and I hoped that ATR’s very large petals might bring a greater chance of getting decent sized blossoms with the Art Nouveau petal “defect.”

Anyways, I’m happy to see a strong percentage of juvenile bloom from ANFIVI. The petal defect is interesting. Some blossoms have no petals at all, some are very stunted, and some are fairly normal with no sign of the defect. I think it’s just a numbers game to get just the right amount of defect so you get decent sized petals with the stripe. So far no clear winners.

Some seedling pics and the last one is ANFIVI’s blossom from last year.


How neat, Joe! Congratulations! I like it!

I really like the color on that top picture.

None of the “interesting” blossoms of these seedlings ended up looking like much on the plant, but one of the All the Rage x (Art Nouveau x FIVI3) seedlings developed into an exemplary grower in terms of health, hardiness, vigor, habit, and rebloom. The blossoms start out orangey-pink and fade to pink.


This one, of the same parentage, inherited the Art Nouveau petal defect so strongly you can barely notice that it is blooming as you pass by. However, it has a ton of blossoms and is very hardy and healthy…so I’m thinking of planting every single seed just to see what the seedlings look like.

I think the petal defect of Art Nouveau has to be present in just the right strength to manifest as a stripe. In the vast majority of cases it will result in either mostly normal or very stunted blossoms.


Those are amazing blooms, wow! So many fun variations in the petals, that’s really cool!