ARS mini seedling evaluation

I am in need of some information - and time is running out for me. (In my area of the country tender roses are fast disappearing underground for the winter.) I have a mini seedling, with a number of plants, a variety that I have been considering entering into the ARS mini trials. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on the official information concerning the rules, schedule, etc., for the minis. If there is someone on the forum who would have the details - and could pass the basics along to me - I would be grateful. Please feel free to email me off the forum as well.

Hi Lois:

You can get the guidelines for seedling submissions for testing at the ARS Mini test gardens from the chairman, Louis Desamero at:

Good Luck!


Thanks, Meg. This is the first email addy that I have found for LD directly.

Unfortunately my email was returned when I tried the addy…

ARS must have omitted part of the address:


Hi Lois:

I have entered roses on 3 different occasions and would be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.