ARS article that may be of interest to hybridizers

See: , scroll down the page and look at Jim Delahanty’s Appendix III.

Some may not have the correct program to view it. Perhaps someone here can suggest a way for them to read it. I do not understand why the ARS did not use standard PDF.


It is openoffice text editor.

You can download free openOffice package from this site:


Here it is:

Appendix III

American Polyanthas: Sub Rosa

Polyanthas of any stripe can be found listed in catalogs online and in hard copy under any one of a number of rubrics: ground covers, patio plants, shrublets, shrubs, Old Garden Roses (sic!), floribundas, and/or Earthkind, These are just current terms for the older designations of dwarf polyanthas, poly pompoms, compactas, and whatall.

All of these terms derive from the nurserymen

Fascinating reading!

Thanks Henry.