I have a lot of Armada OP hips and I was wondering if anyone had ever germinated Armada OP seeds. Would it be worthwhile to do so? I have the time and space but don’t know what to expect other than varing shades of Pink and maybe even a few climbers. Thanks


I grew out quite a few OP seedling several years ago as a test. Seed germinates very easily. You will get mostly pinks.

There was nothing I registered or carried forward but Armada makes a very easy seed parent for hybridizing. Armada has a lot to offer. Unfortunately it gives mostly pale colors even when married to very bright pollen parents.

There is a propensity for Powdery Mildew in offspring. Of course resistance will also depend on pollen parent.

I married Armada with my banksia hybrids and am carrying those offspring forward now.

Thanks Robert. I think I will use it with something this year, maybe Persian Sunset since I should get a lot of seedlings from it and maybe get a couple of blotches.


You’ll get about 75% once bloomers and some very double blossoms. Unfortunately as you know the blotch won’t be in evidence if there are too many petals.

Armada has a propensity for mildew as do the progenitors of ‘Persian Sunset’. Probably not the best match. JMHO

I also feel that something with more diverse color lineage would be beneficial to the outcome of Persian Sunset seedlings. If you want to stay with the modern kordesii line, maybe something other descendant of Silver Jubilee would be helpful.

Livin Easy comes to mind. The 2009 AARS Winnder, Cinco de Mayo, might be a good match, too! (wwhich is a Playboy descendant)

…just some examples of rose with similar style/lineage that may be better suited for your goals.