Are Minis Tetraploid?

Are most miniature roses tetraploid? Are they all on their own roots? Are most cold hardy? Lastly, would you say most are disease reistant relative to larger modern shrubs?


Are most miniature roses tetraploid?

95+ % are.

Are they all on their own roots?

95+ % are as well. Depends on the dealer. Some of the Meililand varieties are grafted.

Are most cold hardy?

Highly variable from variety to variety.

Lastly, would you say most are disease reistant relative to larger modern shrubs?

Highly variable as well but many can be susceptible to blackspot in my area. Some, such as Magic Carosel, Scarlet Moss, Rose Gilardi and Baby Love are highly disease resistant in my area. And some like Rise n’ Sine (or most directly related to it) and Irresistible blackspot with ease.

I concur with Jadae.

It seems with repeated backcrosses to hybrid teas and floribundas and selection for mini progeny, hardiness has been diluted since most of the exhibition large roses used as parents tend to be relatively tender. Such a crossing scheme with modern large tetraploids have eventually led to mainly tetraploid minis. There are some triploids out there too like ‘Incognito’ and some of the new Bracteata mini hybrids from Ralph Moore as Paul Barden and I determined and wrote about in a recent RHA article.

What kind of minis are you interested in working with Darin?


I am new to rose hybridizing so I am just now setting my goals.

I am leaning toward the following priorities with tetraploids:

  1. Disease resistant

  2. Own roots

  3. Sprays prefered over single stem

  4. Fragrant

  5. Vigorous growth, but small stature

  6. Winter hardy in zones 5-10

I would like to get the disease resistance of R. Rugosa into more modern, abundantly flowering shrubs of smaller stature. What would you cross with minis to move towards this goal?


I’m sure someone is going to mention ‘Baby Love’ here, which is likely a good idea. I’d also try ‘Knockout’ on Minis. Rugosas on Minis often result in a significant breakdown in disease resistance, coupled with bloom deformities and bad bush habits. You have to grow a lof of such crosses to get anything worth keeping. I suggest working with first generation R. wichuraiana hybrids to get some improved disease resistance and an ability to root easily. I would also consider working with ‘Precious Dream’ as a pollen parent. It is VERY fertile and has excellent disease resistance, and many other superb qualities.


Ah! Shrublets. Additions other than above include:

Look at Rabble Rouser. International Herald Tribune and Midnight Blue fit. Scarlet Moss, too. What A Peach is an odd mixture of patio and climbing mini.

Lady Elsie May is either tetra or triploid (not sure and too tired to think about it lol) and would work, too.

Any of the Flower Carpet varieties would do. Baby Blanket…

My favorite is Mix n’ Match but Im not so sure about how hardy it could be. However, the foliage is gorgeous, graceful and very healthy.

If you are interested in breeding with minis, you should check this web site, Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos