Are centifolia roses sterile

I am trying to hybridize a centifolia rose I purchased at Heirloom Garden Roses, I harvested pollen from the flowers but wanted to know if anyone had luck getting hips from the plant or if anyone knows whether the plant is sterile? Any help would be appreciated.

Picky and difficult from most accounts.

I think heat may be a factor. I had Crested Moss set seed (some are germinating at the moment) this past season. It was hot and I really threw a lot of pollen at it (often pollinated each bloom 3 times a day for several days…seemed like less effort that looking for it’s pollen). I knew it could set seed because an Australian bred Helga Brauer with it as a seed parent (which may or may not be the pollen that took on Crested Moss, I don’t know, I used pretty much any older type I had pollen of).

Fantin-Latour apparently is an easier seed parent for many though, many references to it setting seed on these forums.

Thank you so much for the information it was very helpful I appreciate all the advice and data, I have a rose Andrews11 that is just emerging I hope will bloom this year, if so I will try again with that one and pollinate it with Centifolia.

Definitely worth trying it’s pollen. Also, some people have had success bringing plants in pots into greenhouse to give them warmer temperatures for seed setting. It seems to help with some, I don’t know if it would with centifolias or not, but might be worth trying. I currently have seven potted roses in the living room. At least they smell good.
But I would certainly try its pollen on some really good seed parents to see if it is viable.