Anyone have experience with 'Thor'

Does anyone grow/have experience with the once blooming dark red climber Thor? I’m wondering if it has good disease resistance and if it is fertile either way. ‘Thor’ has R. setigera, R. sempervirens, R. xanthina, and R. wichurana blood. I’m wondering if this would be a good one to work with for disease resistance. Thanks for any input.


I grow it. I don’t remember seeing any hips. It doesn’t rust but sometimes suffers PM. We have no blackspot to speak of, so I can’t speak to BS resistance. I suspect both of my plants ( poss. from different sources) have RMV, although I haven’t had either of them tested. Looking at the plant, you’d never know it had any Setigera breeding. I hope you can find a plant with a clear provenance. Since this rose has no scent (unlike the description of Thor) and has foliage little different from a normal hybrid Tea, it would be nice to confirm its identity.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.