Anyone growing Muriel Humenick

Is anyone growing this one that could send me cuttings to try to root?

You do come up with some interesting varieties. I hadn’t heard of this one before, and had to look it up. No doubt Moore was hoping for a striped variety, but came up with this lovely surprise.

Is the color as fleeting as in ‘Golden Angel’?

Yes Karl. It’s a beautiful thing but it does fade more than Golden Angel. Not that it’s a horrible thing (fading) as very few don’t, but if you’re looking for strong, stable yellow, this likely isn’t it. So, repeat the cross but use Golden Angel’s offspring, Golden Horizon, instead. It’s triploid, so it gives some rather interesting results like Golden Angel does and it (and its seedlings) don’t fade quite as severely as Golden Angel and its offspring. It seems a bit less likely to black spot, too, so it appears to have also picked up a bit of disease resistance from Strawberry Ice. Nice rose.


While doing some research on HMF I saw this one and thought how pretty the bloom looked and liked the parentage. Too bad it’s another one of Moore’s roses that may be impossible to obtain.


I do have Golden Horizon so I could repeat the cross. I would just need to obtain pollen from someone growing ‘Honorine de Brabant’ next season or get the plant itself. Have you grown HB?

I have ‘Honorine de Brababnt’ here in New Brunswick, NJ. I could try rooting a cutting of it if you’d like, as well as clipping anthers for you. Get back to me in Spring.



Hi Rob, Happy New Year! I grew HdB many years ago at Limberlost, in the mid desert and had it again in Pacific Palisades. In those climates, a too large plant with too few and too small flowers were the issues. I tried Muriel because Ralph created it and Muriel was a friend. It has more flowers of a size more appropriate for them plant size. Black spot was seldom an issue in any of those locations, but mildew and rust were. I’ve avoided “Bourbons” and HPs for years because of the rust. Muriel was healthy enough, just not anything I wished to breed with. Here, give me some of the Teas, some Chinas and a very few HPs (Gloire Lyonnaise, Marchioness of Londonderry and a few others I am still considering) and I’ll have all I need with which to play.

That would be great Christopher. Thank you!

Happy New Year to all!

I grow Honorine de Brabant now, and have done so for the last 10 years, and have read on here over the years about how it is not the cleanest rose and can pass on mildew susceptibility to its offspring… but to be honest… I haven’t seen any of that. It can pass on its stripes if you do enough crosses with it (it doesn’t give them up easily) and here (Tasmania, Australia) it grows own root as a large, nicely shaped, shrub with absolutely no care or attention and just does its thing. It does like its water and maybe that’s why mine does well because it is growing adjacent to a wet area and it never really dries out like most areas in the gardens do. I have it down to use as seed parent in the next few days with ‘Knock Out’ because I have a feeling that could be awesome… working in the size, flower power and health of KO in with size (I like big, shapely, roses :wink: ) , stripes, and fertility of HdB. I have also been playing with the idea of going back to ‘Fredinand Pichard’ again… but compared to HdB it does not flower enough to be useful and the two actually seem quite similar anyway making them interchangeable in their use. I don’t like the lack of substance in the petals of HdB and have noticed that this is passed on readily. The flowers will often ball, or get botrytis, or shrivel and brown off in hot weather.

‘Ferdinand Pichard’ was the paternal grandfather of Moore’s ‘Stars ‘n’ Stripes’.

McGredy then used SnS to develop his own striped roses, including ‘Oranges ‘n’ Lemons’. Since OnL was bred in New Zealand, I’m guessing if could be a useful source of striping in your climate. It does grow and bloom very well in California and Kentucky.