Any updates on using Comte De Chambord in breeding?

Austin has used it in a number of crosses. Help Me Find lists it as quite hardy but suceptable to blackspot. A search of the RHA forum indicate that a number of people were trying it. Does any have any results to report?

I am thinking of breeding it with my Canadians, Kordes, and Buck roses (plus of course R-15 offspring).

It does set open pollinated hips.


100% of my seedlings from crosses using it are once-bloomers. (Over 50 seedlings tested) Of those 90% were of VERY poor bloom quality and 100% were Blackspot disasters. I am unlikely to use it any further. If ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ is the best that Austin got from it, then thats saying a lot, since it is a poor rebloomer and extremely disease prone.


I know it’s slightly off-topic but…

Didn’t you mention once before that ‘Rose de Rescht’ doesn’t set hips (OP) but is very fertile if pollinated?

And would you say that, from your experiences, ‘Rose de Rescht’ is any better as a parent than ‘Comte de Chambord’?

I did some uncontrolled pollinations on ‘Rose de Rescht’ this season (using Hazeldean pollen) and am hoping that the resulting hips will at least give a few actual hybrids.

I’m not expecting either disease resistance or rebloom from this cross but would still like to have them as breeders.

Thanks, Tom


Perhaps the good characteristics don’t come out in a few generations?

I remember David Austin once wrote that seedlings from Iceberg were terrible, but that seedlings from those seedlings were better.

So maybe a seedling from Gertrude Jeckyll or maybe a seedling of a seedling will be worthwhile?

Today I just harvested seeds from Cotillion X Gertrude Jeckyll. I remember Paul said that it wasn’t worthwhile, but then again I made the pollination on the whim. Even if I don’t have a nice seedling, I may find one that I may enjoy working with.

Anyways, here’s a link to a rose that has GJ as a seed parent. I read a good comment once or twice a while back, but I don’t remember when I read them.