Any Reason to buy both Primula and Hugonis?

With all the talk about the oriental yellows I wanted to get in on it. Would there be any reason to get both Primula and Hugonis other than just having them both?



They are totally different. Primula hasn’t been utilized at all yet which I find intriguing.

Apparently people either like the smell of the foliage or they don’t.

I only had one seedling of Belle Epoque x Rosa primula survive and flourish (it REALLY took off). The reamining ones died withing a few weeks of genetic compatability. However, the remaining one is different. It looks like what happened is that the Rosa primula pollen failed and that Belle Epoque selfed without it’s own pollen.

The product is beautiful, and superior to Belle Epoque.

However, this is a warning to myself and others that I may need to use something closer in genetics to Rosa primula (gonna try Baby Faurax, maybe Trier or Danae).