Any Ideas on How to Ward Off Little Critters?

I have a flat of rose seeds planted in coconut fiber (coir). There is a little critter making his way under the clear plastic top, digging up the seeds, and knawing his way to a nice little meal. I was successful in stopping him for about a week by putting heavy weights on top. However, he has found his way back in.

At first, he seemed to be doing this only at night, but I see he is now digging around my germinated seedlings in their small pots during the day, and burrying the seedlings. Last night, I set a trap with peanut butter for him, but he left it alone. Anyone have any suggestions?

Andy, get some hail screen (it may be called hardware cloth) and cover the flat securely. You may want to make a box of the stuff and put the flat inside. And you may want to invest in a mouse trap and a dab of peanut butter.

If the coir is straight from the brick, you might want to get the seedlings out of there as soon as they sprout. See previous threads about coir in the forum.


We have a friend who had that problem a few years ago with those little critters messing with his seeds, so he left his cat in the garage one night! The cat thought that those seed trays were litter boxes just for him. I know it wasn’t a laughable experience for him, but when he told me about it…I think you get the drift.

Peter has a great idea - cover the trays with something, e.g., the wire screen with a fairly small mesh that they can’t (or the cat) get into. If you have small pots, put them in a tray and cover that with the screening.

Let us know if you are a succesful hunter.


Yes, pure coir seems to stunt seedlings. I did some this year as an experiment.

The seedlings haven’t died but they are way behind others that germinated at the same time.