Any good roses for passing on muave?

I guess I do not quite understand the genetics of muave roses. I have used Angel Face and Intrigue, albeit not extensively, in the past few years and have yet to get one muave rose. They were all crosses with highly disease resistant yellow and orange roses. I got a lot of diseased reds. Any suggestions?

Hello Shane,

You just have to keep trying and cross a mauve rose (male or female) with as many varieties as you have for parents.

It took me 15 years of experiments with dozens of diff. varietes before I finally came up with my first mini ‘Rubies ‘n’ Pearls’.

Link to my R.‘n’ P. story below.

Good luck



I would start crossing mauve with other mauve roses.

I’ve raised several Fragrant Plum seedlings (OP) and I’ve seen quite a few mauve roses.

Id skip using Angel Face and Intrigue to be honest. Theyre not exactly tops when it comes to disease and they really dont have a ton of mauve in their backgrounds in comparison to other choices that are more modern.

Shocking Blue has been working fine for me as has Lagerfeld. Stainless Steel…Royal Amethyst…

Neptune failed on me this year…not so sure about it. Outta the Blue works great except that it passes on black spot like the plague (Im noticing this for many of the souliena derivitives, sigh). Purple Heart works great as a pollen parent but icky as a seed parent. Uhmm… oh some people seem to like Moon Shadow a lot.

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Oooo another good one.


Rubies and Pearls is so beautiful!


Are the roses you listed (Shocking Blue, Lagerfeld. Stainless Steel,Royal Amethyst, etc) good as seed parents? It seemed implied, but I just want to make sure. I appreciate your help!

Enrique and Paul,

I really appreciate your suggestions.

Stainless Steel is moderate. Shocking Blue is good. Ive been using Lagerfeld as pollen which has done really well so not sure. Royal Amethyst has been reported to be rather good by others.

Thanks jadae

‘Shocking Blue’ was a very easy seed setter for me. Also, it survived for me longer than the average Floribunda. I’d use it more if I still had it. Unfortunately I was having a lot of difficulties germinating seeds (and keeping them alive) at that time, so I only ever got one seedling from it. It’s from ‘Reine des Violettes’ pollen and is a nice little strongly-rose-scented mauve/purple. It’s been very slow to increase in size, but is holding it’s own against drought and other calamities.

I don’t know how the seeds germinate yet but Midnight blue this year has made every single polination into a hip. The hips are three months old now so I doubt they will abort. It did not do very well at all as far as a pollen parent.


Oooo good to know! I was gonna use my friend’s MB next year for some Rugosas.