Any comments on this supplier?

I’m looking at Sam Kedem Nursery for some Buck roses I want for breeding. I would appreciate input on whether you have been generally satisfied or not with their products and services. I don’t necessarily need tons of information, just whether or not you were satisfied.

Do they ship tiny little starts or good size #1 plants.

I like to check out a business before I give them my money.

Randy Hughes, Vancouver, WA

I have ordered from him 3 or 4 times and have always found the orders satisfactory. He is a good source of hard to find Bucks.

Good Luck

He propagates most Buck roses himself because he cannot buy field grown plants of most of them wholesale from large suppliers. He does a good job, however, because he propagates most of them himself and they sell out so fast, customers often have just the option of a small plant in a quart or gallon sized pot.


Thanks Robert, David, for your responses. I appreciate your input.


I bought some roses from him when I was in Minneapolis – they were all fine.

Another source of Buck roses is Roses Unlimited in Laurens, SC. They pride themselves on having a really extensive list of the Bucks varieties, so if Sam Kedem doesn’t have the one you are looking for, RU might. I buy from RU all the time and have had good experiences always.