Any Comments on these roses

Looking at some additional roses for next year. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with these roses w.r.t hybridizing.


Morning Jewel


Breath of Life


Orange Velvet

Freisinger Morgenrote



Penny Lane

Royal Sunset

I assume you mean the 1986 Harlequin aka Harlikan, Arlequin, Kiss of Desire? Very large hips with many seeds. This is my first crop of seedlings with it as seed parent. Very good germination rate despite my novice ineptness. Seedlings seem pretty healthy and definitely very vigourous! My 5 month old seedlings had to be potted up into 2 gallon pots and are quite tall. I’d guess half will probably be large plants or climbers. Almost all were remondant. You can see the results of the ones I still have at my homepage link below.


Thank you judith, Your roses look great. Glad to hear Harlequin does well. Based on your experience, I am going to add it to my list for next year.

Let me know how it does!

This was my first year using Royal Sunset. It set hips easily. Hopefully the seeds will germinate well. I haven’t tried Handel, but I’ve heard that it is pretty fertile.

Orange Velvet- very vigorous pillar type. Starts out coral orange and becomes orange scarlet where the sun hits. Usually comes in clusters of 3 HT blloms on a 8 ft. plant.

Freisinger Morgenrote- Another pillar type to 8 ft. Has floribunda type sprays with floribunda type blooms that start out coral with an amber reverse and age to peachy pink.

Handel- Black spot magnet for me. Got rid of it.

Royal Sunset- Awesome short climber. True apricot color with a heavy tea/fruit scent. Dislikes winter, however.

Ack! Sorry haha. Forgot breeding info.

Orange Velvet- sets seed readily.

Freisinger Morgenrote- iffy seed setter.

Handel- Dont remember.

Royal Sunset- sets seed readily.

Thanks Jim and Jadae. Royal Sunset and Orange Velvet are one the list and Freisinger Morgenrote has been eliminated.