Anther culture of Rosa

The abstract looks interesting, it appears they were successfully in producing haploid plants from anther culture.


When I did my Tissue Culture Course , we were taught of a tecnique using pollen and unfertilized ova grown on media with Colchicine to double the chromosones. Although I have’nt practised this technique yet I can see the benifits of it.

The link did not work for me. Could you give the authors names and article title? Thank you.

I’ve pasted the abstract below. Will try to get the link working now.

Z. Tabaeezadeha and M. Khosh-Khuia

aDepartment of Horticulture, Shiraz University, Shiraz Iran

Accepted 4 September 1980.

Available online 14 October 2003.


Anthers of 2 tetraploid Rosa species (4n=28) were plated on selected basis media, supplemented with various amounts of auxins and kinetin, at different bud stages and using various light conditions. Among the media tested, MS medium with 2.0 mg/l IAA and 0.4 mg/l K was generally the best for anther culture of R. damascena Mill., while medium with 7.5 mg/l IAA and 0.8 mg/l K was found optimum for R. hybrida L. Culture of anthers of R. damascena when a few petals are visible on the flower bud, and of R. hybrida when the flower bud is completely closed, are recommended. Cytological examination showed that most cells of both species had 2n=14 chromosomes and thus were of pollen origin.

The best I can do is link to a google search. Click on the top search result “Anther culture of Rosa - Elsevier” and it should take you to the abstract.


I have their Scientia Horticulturae Volume 15, Issue 1, May 1981, pages 61-66 full paper. They were not able to get past the callus stage. I also could not get past the callus stage. I attributed part of my problem to my inability to closely control the temperature in my experiments (they were done at home).


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I remember your posting your results, they were what got me searching for these articles in the first place, I’d just forgotten that you’d referenced these guys. And I obviously read to much into the last sentence.

Are you still working on this project?

I am no longer working in this area as we are downsizing in expectation of moving into a “late retirement” single level residence.