Another possibly useful propigation technique

I ran across these youtubes recently. If they are legitimate they may be very useful at maximizing propigation of useful seedlings. This first one uses what appear to be unripe hips positioned upside down on a slice of banana, the whole buried in a pot after a 15-minute soak in garlic-water. What the heck??

The second does something similar, with the dried flower parts scraped away and the hips planted on slices of tomato. They seem to strike very convincingly, though I would think there might be a ton of little tomato seedlings resulting as well. These vidoes appear to have been filmed in a tropical location, so there might be more warmth and humidity than in most northern climates without a greenhouse. The Dolly Parton soundtrack may contribute to rooting, maybe. How to grow roses from rose calyx | Great idea for beginner - YouTube
The third video uses fresh buds barely showing color, lopped off of their pedicils, inserted into small sections of aloe vera leaves, and planted upright, rooting in less than a month with nary a wilted petal. Still, the resulting roots were enviable.
How to growing yellow roses from flower buds | Propagate roses in a way not everyone knows - YouTube
So, at the risk of sounding grumpy, what’s going on with these cuttings shoved into bananas, potatoes, onions, aloes, and other foodstuffs? Is this legit? Do you have any experience with any of this? Have I missed out on a really cool technique?

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It’s a fake channel (look at the other video’s on it)

Look at this one for example

or the aloe one where it’s rooted to the bottom of the plastic cup in 18 days with the flower not wilted or having fully opened.

It’s the equivalent of 5 minute craft video’s…just things intended to get views, views generate $$$.

The initial video will have made between $11k - $28k USD as of this posting time.

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Thank you, Plazbo. There’s a fool born every minute. 9:03 p.m. in my case. -Brian

Don’t beat your self up to much over it. A few weeks ago me and some friends were discussing the possibilities of these kinds of videos also. We couldn’t believe it would be possible, but we really wanted it to be true. Eventually we were put out of our misery when someone posted this video by Fraser Valley Rose Farm:

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