Another English Rose Variety Question (Bibi Maizoon)

Does anyone have any comments on Bibi Maizoon as a garden subject and parent?

Thanks for all the information.

Chris Mauchline

I grew two plants of Bibi Maizoon from Wayside for four years. I planted them in a high visibility location (I believed the photos in the Wayside catalog.)

After 2 1/2 years I was ready to shovel prune them for their lack of bloom. My husband, then not into roses, said to keep them, because they would get better. They didn’t. He learned through the two Bibis that some roses deserved to be shovel pruned. I got to him in the fourth year by asking him what the blooms looked like and he didn’t know because he had never seen a bloom on either bush (and do remember, these were high visibility locations). FWIW, the plants grew into pleasant masses of foliage.

I’ve only seen one bloom of Bibi Maizoon, but it was in a garden with RRD and it was on the one cane without RRD of a bush with four RRD infected canes.

Roses planted where my Bibis were are doing well, so it’s not the soil.