Another batch of pollen available

Yup, I’m addicted! I love collecting pollen, smelling what the various ones smell like dried, seeing the resulting push of growth from the plants to replace the “ovulations” I interrupt when collecing the flowers. If I hold on to it, I will wind up using it and generating far too many crosses, so…

This is the latest batch of pollen available for sharing.

Morsoucrest Plant Search
Secret Garden Musk Climber "Secret Garden Musk Climber" Rose
Dr. E.M. Mills 'Dr. E. M. Mills' Rose
Basye’s Legacy 'Basye's Legacy' Rose
Lynnie 'Lynnie' Rose
Indian Love Call 'Indian Love Call' Rose
Morcrest 'MORcrest' Rose
Gloire des Rosomanes 'Gloire des Rosomanes' Rose If it makes any difference, this is from a virus indexed plant propagated from material from UC Davis.
0-47-19 X Tom Thumb - some repeat, double, small pink flowering rambler
0-47-19 x tom thumb (2).JPG
0-47-19 x tom thumb (8).JPG
0-47-19 x tom thumb (13).JPG
IHTXLB X Fedtschenkoana - vigorous, suckering seedling. Once flowering, I presume, as it germinated in 2014 and is flowering for the first time now.
ihtxlb x fedtschenkoana.JPG

I’d like Indian Love Call. Thank you!

I am interested in the E.M. Mills pollen. Sent you an email, if you still have the same address.

OK, I received your email, Jackie and Dr. Mills is reserved for you. Thanks, Jim, I’ll add Indian Love Call to the Basye’s 86-3 I have ready for you. I will mail them all out Monday to reduce the trips and lines.

Hello Kim,

I would like pollen from Indian Love Call and Secret Garden Musk Climbing rose.

Thank you!

John Jelinek

Thanks, Kim.


You’re welcome! I have all the responses here, private messages and direct emails all listed and so far, all are filled. Dr. Mills is now all spoken for. Otherwise, most of the others are still “in supply”. Thanks!

Hi Kim, can we “ponder” this for a minute, how does pollen travel ? does it travel long distance ? if so what “might” be the cost of a letter/envelope with some in it ? Lets say it was “Secret Garden Musk Climber”, just an Aussie thinking out loud.

Hi David, well, Peter Harris has been using a container of Zorina pollen for two years he simply keeps on top of his micro wave in the kitchen. He wrote he sees evidence of Zorina’s influence in the seedlings raised from its use. I’ve been collecting species pollen since last fall (Minutifolia has provided scattered flowers for months) to have enough of them to actually accomplish anything. So, as long as it’s kept dry and not “cooked” in extremely high heat situations, it seems to last quite a long time. Freezing it shouldn’t do too much harm as many people keep it frozen until use (I don’t), unless those temps are extremely low. I mail it most often in small standard paper “envelopes” which are simply folded and taped paper fashioned to prevent it from leaking through the edges, then inserted into a standard letter envelope. If there are many types, I’ll used a small padded envelope.

The more pressing issue would be how the Australian Department of Agriculture would view it coming into the country. Canada allowed a batch I mailed last week to be received. I wonder if I would have to send it as you do seeds? Or, just send it as I do here and indicate on the outside of the envelope it’s rose pollen? Or, figure out an even slimmer method of secure travel and not even mention it on the outside? Suggestions?

Thanks Kim, I will check with AQUIS and some other people and get back to you shortly.

You’re welcome, David. Good luck!

The pollen arrived today. Thank you, Kim!

You’re welcome, Jim! Good luck with it!

The pollen arrived, it’s raining, there’s always tomorrow!
Thanks Kim.

Absolutely, Jackie. Same here. There have been quite a few blooms I wanted to pollinate, but not in the rain, so they are now “pollen donors”.

From early checks I would have to have a “import permit”. I will be away for 2 weeks and try to do more when I return.

Received the pollen today Kim. Thank you!

Have a good trip, David. No rush. You’re welcome, Rob!