'Ann Endt'

I can’t find this one available anywhere. Does anyone have any extra hips available this season? Thanks in advance.

I have also been on the lookout for this one. I did get some pollen a few years ago that I used on a few bucks - surprisingly (to me) the two seedlings I still have were white! Please let us know if you find a commercial source.

Will do Andre.

Hi guys, I grow this one. Would be glad to supply unrooted cuttings anytime or send pollen when available. Mine’s not blooming right now–moving is stressful on plants as well as people! But it’s a great rose, repeats well and a good hip setter.

Now in Georgia zone 7b (!)

I am not sure whether this is relevant or not, but one of the Australian contingent named Simon Voorwinde has worked with this rose, to the best of my knowledge he placed the outcomes on HMF, I am not sure how to link this stuff, but those who wish to will find it.
Regards David.

Thank you for the offer for cuttings. If ok with you I’ll contact you next season.

David, I did check out Simon’s work on HMF. Thank you.