Ann Endt

Does anyone know of some place to get Ann Endt? HMF list heirloom but it does not have it in their catalog.

If I were you I’d contact them and ask. It’s in their printed catalogue for 2009, and I purchased mine from them two years ago.

Talking about ‘Ann Endt’… I’m loving this rose atm… Here is a pic of the foliage of one of my OP ‘Ann Endt’ seedlings taken tonight:

Given it is meant to be rugosa x foliolosa do you think this has broken down the rugosa selfing barrier? These seedlings appear to be very clearly the result of selfing to me (btw… it sets loads of seed, it’s easy to germinate and these seedlings have lovely foliage… can’t wait try it with a range of purple roses).

Simon it because of your comments on Paul’s blog that I began to consider it as a parent. Now that I have decided to work with it my problem is finding it.

Am I allowed to send seeds to the U.S.? If so I am more than happy to send you some to get you started when I have some. Not like having the real thing as it’s such a lovely plant, but would be a good start.

I am not sure if you can send seed or not? I did call heritage and they do not have it available at the time. It sounds like they have a hard time propagating it.

I have always wanted to try something like

[(Ann Endt x Ann Endt) x (Baby Faurax x Baby Faurax)]


I like your idea Jadae. I would love to try it with R. woodsii or William Baffin or a cross like the one that produced Vanguard. I really like that Ann Ednt has foliolosa blood in it. And it sounds like it is more fertile than Basyle Purple. But first I would have to get my hands on one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that heirloom has one some where they forgot about. Does any body know if you can send seeds into the United States. If you can I will take you up on your offer Simon.

By the way what is the correct spelling of Basyle? I have seen it three different ways. Two of the different ways is quite rampant out there.


Are you not aware of my ‘Purple Springs’ (‘Hansa’ x Rosa foliolosa)? Flowers are better than ‘Ann Endt’, since they are semi-double. I’ll likely be sending a shipment of rose material to the States next fall and could include a plant of it for you. I could also send you pollen.

I recognize the name but as with many rugosas I think I looked it up and it was totally unavailable so I put it to the back of my mind. How fertile is it? I would love to try it even if it is only semi fertile.

Adam, did you end up finding one??? I’m still getting flowers atm and it is a pollen machine. I could chuck a good amount in the mail ready for when you guys thaw out a bit :slight_smile:

P.S. The seedling pictured above is 3ft high and wide now and still hasn’t flowered :-/ Next spring for sure :slight_smile:

Yes Simon I did manage to find one. Had to call around but I did manage it. Thanks for the offer.