Ann Endt vs Basye's Purple

That sure sounds like it will take over! Fed. is an extremely aggressive, vigorous plant.

Finally, after three years, there are flower buds on Lynnie X Pride of Oakland seedlings! In the second year, some 1-72-1 X DLFED seedlings are forming buds!

Congrats Kim. I know what that’s like.

Waiting years and finally getting results is very gratifying.

Thanks Robert. Even more exciting, Loving Touch X Legacy, which has only produced two FLOWERS in ten years, has buds on it. Want pollen? hehehe

Don’t tempt me. hehehe


Most of last year’s seedlings of ‘Midnight Blue’ X (‘Orangeade’ X R. fedtschenkoana) have formed buds and will be in bloom fairly soon, weather permitting. I expect pinks, but time will tell! The plants are handsome, with beautiful ferny, scented foliage. A few are bluish in hue.


Paul, that branch of foliage you posted to your blog from that cross is drop dead gorgeous! IF the blamed seedling of 1-72-1 X Midnight Blue ever blooms, I intend to mix that up with the DLFEDs.

Thanks a million Patrick! I’m hoping it’ll arrive today. And thanks for the culture info Kim.

You are welcome Tom. I just hope it made it through the shipping ok.