An odd couple...

Here is Carribean x Cherry Meidiland. I think I was on hybridizers crack when I did this cross because there was absolutely no reason for me to even try this idea. But it ended up in the “keepers” areas, so here it is:

It’s a fully double light dayglow yellow with coral touches. It is very healthy so far, which surprised me because Carribean can mildew here. I also feared the top heavy habit of Carribean, but seem to have avoided it. I made several real attempts using Cherry Meidiland last year, so I hope they turn out. I think it could be a valuable parent to adding more of a punch into the floribunda class. Some of it’s bloom heads count up to 50 blooms.

Wow, and you’re sure it’s not a self? These things happen.

This is why I sometimes have to study seedlings for along time to determine hybridity and even then impossible to be sure.

Yeah, Im sure it isnt. The foliage texture gives it away. Today, it is more coral! Also, it is definitely not a large-flowered bush.

More coral? I like the idea of mutable blossoms in large panicles… Congrats on that one! Keep us appraised of its development!