American Rose Manual 1954

I bought a copy of this yesterday while I was with a friend just basically chatting. We stopped by an old book store and there it was for only $4.50. I thought what the heck, why not? Anyhow, to the point. This one contains a large list of ploidy’s, with sources, of a few hundred roses. It also contains articles about seed media, color counts of the Lady Mary Fitzwilliam line and climbing mutation discusions. There are other articles but I thought this little hardback had a lot of articles on rose breeding that others would enjoy reading.

On a non-related note, this seems to be a period where mini’s were just beginning to gain interest. It is interesting to notice how harsh and cruel the opinion of mini’s were back then just by the tone of the many writers’ words.


I enjoy the collecting of the american rose annuals, lots of good reading. Additionally, there was a book translated from german I had obtained in the early eighties. This book is very instrumental in studying the rose species. As far as mini’s go I love the micro mini’s but the old buzzard judges don’t because they can’t see anymore, so I suugested getting them a magnifying glass for them at shows.