American Pillar


It seems I’ve got something from American Pillar (as pollen with R. Filipes Kifsgate as seed).

Does anybody have had something from it?

I suppose it’s triploid, does anybody know? It seems difficult to use as a seed, but some are documented as such on Helpmefind.

Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.

Modern Roses 11 says that American Pillar is triploid. Interesting that you got something from its pollen on Kiftsgate, which is diploid. Please let us know how it turns out.

I’ll have to wait for the flowering.

All I can say now is it has leaves wich have the form of Kifsgate, but the very “apple” color of AP. The thorns are

widely spaced and rather special in form, very curved.

I use triploids as pollen on diploids, or as seed with

tetraploids.Often this gives nothing of course, but when it

does I’m sure to have something really new!

Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.

Sounds very unique and interesting.