Among this year’s apparently successful survey crosses is one of Amadis (R. chinensis x R. pendulina) on R. virginiana. I’m hoping to see if virginana combined with pendulina might be a way to infuse some disease resistance into the modern gene pool. Rather than starting with pendulina straight up, Amadis seemed a good choice because its chinensis genes may help bridge the downstream crosses.

I was looking over pictures of Amadis and noticed that it has a vegetative stripe on some of its petals. I remember seeing discussion of such stripes on descendents of a particular modern rose but can’t recall which it was. Can someone please refresh my memory?


Fascinating cross Don.

Vegetative stripes often come out of roses with chinensis lineage.

You see them often in the early chinese reds.

That sounds like a nice cross, and I love the boursaults. One in particular is in San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, and it’s called “Carlson Boursault #2.”

VERY lovely elongated foliage.

I collected 4 OP hips on it this year, and hope to raise something as nice as Carlson.

The added benefit of using ‘Amadis’ is that its progeny should root really easily and grow beautifully on their own roots as ‘Amadis’ was once used as an understock. My own root plant is 4ft tall in its first year from a little 20cm cutting struck during winter. I hope to use it next season as well to impart own root vigour too and funnily enough I am hoping my R. chinensis ‘Rose of the Monastery of the Ten Thousand Camellias, Lijiang’ seeds grow well to put with ‘Amadis’ as well. Looking forward to hearing how your seeds perform :slight_smile: