I added this rose this year and I am wondering if anyone has had much experience with it. I am curious about disease resistance. One of the comments from HMF stated that it was the first yellow rose to overcome the disease problem that having R. foetida bicolor as a relative can cause.

How is it as a garden rose?

Any cold zoners have any idea of cold tolerance? HMF states zone5 which would be wonderful for what I would like to use it for.

It seems like a good yellow that is more hardy than many and I am planning on using it in hybridizing. Anyone worked with it? Experiences?



After out last conversation Steven, I remembered a cross with Allgold that was used in Buck roses. Alexander is Tropicana x (Ann Elizabeth x Allgold). Alexander shows up in Paraglider and Winter Sunset. Maybe more but I got tired of searching. I dont grow any of these varieties but maybe looking at them would give you an idea of Allgold’s usage.

I do grow Winter Sunset. I love the flower color and it does well w.r.t cold hardiness but it can get black spot. More so than many of my other buck roses.

Makes me wonder if Allgold contributed to the BS problem. Its more complicated than that I am sure. I Could point fingers at Tropicana or Ann Elizabeth too.

Allgold does very well at the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose, but that’s no place to test winter hardiness. It is very healthy there, though nlack spot is not a major problem at the Heritage. It begins blooming early and ends late, keeping its bright yellow color even in the heat of summer.


Karl, thats great to hear. My plant arrived last week with 2 buds and both have since bloomed. I am very happy with the color. I was also able to detect a slight fragrance which is a added plus. The blooms were a little smaller but its a small plant. As of right now, I am excited with its possibilities. If it blooms some more this year, its pollen will be used on several buck roses like Applejack and Prairie Harvest.