Airlayering kit for difficult to root plants

I was asked about an airlayering kit for difficult to root plants. Basically they are plastic containers with a cut down the side to fit over the stem of the plant then snap together. The lid has a star pattern where the stem goes (so it can accomidate different size stems) and holes in it for watering. The kit makes the process easier but I suppose you could do the same thing with the containers you get at the deli or for smaller plants something like a yogurt container. Just cut a star pattern in the center of the lid and the bottom of the container where the stem goes and use duct tape to hold the sides together.

Then you cut the stem of the plant youi want to root, dust the cut with rooting powder (you can use a toothpick to hold the cut open) put the container around the stem tape it together then fill it with a light potting soil and put the lid on and wait, checking to make sure the potting soil stays moist.

The kits are sold in sets of three and are reusable the price is $9 plus $6.45 S&H less if you order three sets. If anyone is interested they can be ordered at 1-800-733-4146. Good luck, Randy