Air layering rooting gel

I have noticed at times I get roses where the tops of a basal break will get bud eyes very close together. Then when I remove the main bud these eyes turn into branches. It almost seems to me like I should be able to get a new plant through air layering with a rooting gel. I have used these on occasions for cutting with some success.

Does this make any sense to anyone else. Does anyone have a recommendation to pursue this notion?

I just recently successfully air layered a very difficult to root rose that failed twice before under aquarium (I shall not incriminate myself with a name, suffice it to say I wanted an own root plant). I used the normal moss and mixed in a little river sand, baggie, ties, & razor blade to make the girdle ring. It took the ENTIRE spring/summer just to develop a small amount of callous and a few roots… and I still haven’t hardened it off yet. Where can you get rooting gel for air layering? That sounds fun.

I know that roses can be rooted by air layering. Is it the gel with the container that clamps onto the branch and is see-through? If you use it, please let me know how well it works.